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How Do I Discover Myself [My Talent]

  How Do I Discover Myself [My Talent]? There are many people whose talents are yet to be discovered, by themselves. This makes some of them useless in rooms where they are not fit to be. So, how can you discover your natural skill? 1. Question How do you find solutions to some natural challenges? Do you think differently to solve human problems or you depend on someone else's ideas? Answering these and other related questions is one of the best ways to find yourself. 2. Surveying   Ask your friends, family members, and others to say what they know or think about your ways of solving problems. Allow them to study you. Request yourself from them so that you can find yourself. 3. Self Discipline Write what you know about yourself. Think of areas where you are commended differently and write them down. Check these areas and find yourself in one of those areas or fields. And sometimes it is not difficult to find oneself, but the area of its application may be the problem.