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There are many FREE branding kits one can adopt to help his or her organization or business or company stands out of its competitors in the digital community. Even, some organizations, companies, and businesses do not require sophisticated branding kits. If it is compulsory that your organization, company, and business require to be branded for trust in the digital community, then, the following FREE branding kits may be helpful. 1. WhatsApp Profile WhatsApp is one of the best social media networks. It is even the best and the most used messenger. Remember, social media network is different from social messenger. Ones profile on this network must be professional enough to convey the whole message of the company, organization, and business. The profile picture, the away messages, the greetings, and others must convince the new users. 2. Google Drive Google Drive is a FREE library or cabinet to keep and share some vital documents with your new users in a link. All pieces of information

Safeguard Your Property in Digital World

  Everyday, scammers are always in need of victims to defraud of their possessions. Some people have been made internetphobic due to this dangerous act. So, how can one safeguard his or her property from the online scammers? Tip 1: DON'T GIVE AN ATTENTION to money doubling One of the known ways through which people are scammed is money doubling. The scammers are smart enough to get some fake transaction details to convince their newly acquired victims. Hence, DON'T GIVE AN ATTENTION to them. Tip 2: DON'T DATE OR FALL IN LOVE online   To love is not to err, however, falling in love to an unknown person online is dangerous. Sometimes, some male scammers normally disguise as women trying to defraud men and vice versa. So, DON'T DATE OR FALL IN LOVE ONLINE. Remember, some matchmaking sites are trustworthy.  Tip 3: DON'T BUY ANYTHING, UNLESS FROM A TRUSTED AND RECOMMENDED online stores I have come across many advertisements, (either sponsored or not) on social media that