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How Can I Sell My Articles and Writings Online?

  How Can I Sell Articles and Writings Online? There are several ways through which one can sell articles and writings online. However, I will give you just a process with a series of steps to sell your articles, ebooks and writings online and make money, even while you are asleep. Tasking for A More Important Resource First off, remember that the term, "TASKING" is only used by APIKIK NET in relation to selling of articles or writings and it is copyrighted by the admin of APIKIK NET . Tasking in relation to selling of articles, writings, and ebooks is described as the process of making your resources available for FREE after a completion of a certain task. Let me break down the process before giving its steps in series by series. Say, you have a book that teaches a moral lesson and it is enjoyable. A friend or a sibling of yours may like to read the book. If he or she asks you to lend or give the book to him or her to read, YOU CAN TASK him or her for a more important resour