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There are many FREE branding kits one can adopt to help his or her organization or business or company stands out of its competitors in the digital community. Even, some organizations, companies, and businesses do not require sophisticated branding kits. If it is compulsory that your organization, company, and business require to be branded for trust in the digital community, then, the following FREE branding kits may be helpful. 1. WhatsApp Profile WhatsApp is one of the best social media networks. It is even the best and the most used messenger. Remember, social media network is different from social messenger. Ones profile on this network must be professional enough to convey the whole message of the company, organization, and business. The profile picture, the away messages, the greetings, and others must convince the new users. 2. Google Drive Google Drive is a FREE library or cabinet to keep and share some vital documents with your new users in a link. All pieces of information


To build a website is the easiest of all tasks one can perform in the digital community, especially, website template editing. And surprisingly, this is much easy on smartphone. So, what are the benefits of Website Template Editing? Editing website templates fastens the process of website making. It takes some website template editors 24 hours or less to build a good looking website while some take more than that to build theirs. Of its benefits is the absence of coding skills. You know, we hate being disturbed. Website template editing requires zero coding skills. This makes it a perfect way to make money by some web developers with zero coding skills. Then, what are the disadvantages of Website Template Editing? There are many serious issues with website template editing of which BUGGING and LIMITATION are the leading two disadvantages of website template editing. Bugging makes a website to be displayed in an abnormal way in the front end. Limitation sets the competence of website

Creating "Hello World" with Flask [Python Framework] on A SMARTPHONE

Creating a simple "Hello World" application using Flask in Pydroid 3: 1. Install Pydroid 3 from Play Store. 2. Open the app and locate the "Terminal Button" and tap it to open a dark phase side of the app. Then, write/code: pip install flask Wait for the installation process to complete. 3. Then, go back to the project side that is usually in the light phase and create a new file. Name the file as "". In this file, write/code: from flask import Flask  app = Flask(__name__)  @app.route("/") def hello(): return "Hello, World!"  if __name__ == "__main__":  4. Save the changes and go to the terminal and write/code: python 5. Run it by tapping the Enter Key of your keyboard and wait for it to load. A temporary local host; will be generated. Tap the local host, you will be redirected to choose a browser. Choose and wait for it to load the "Hello World." This is the simp