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To build a website is the easiest of all tasks one can perform in the digital community, especially, website template editing. And surprisingly, this is much easy on smartphone. So, what are the benefits of Website Template Editing? Editing website templates fastens the process of website making. It takes some website template editors 24 hours or less to build a good looking website while some take more than that to build theirs. Of its benefits is the absence of coding skills. You know, we hate being disturbed. Website template editing requires zero coding skills. This makes it a perfect way to make money by some web developers with zero coding skills. Then, what are the disadvantages of Website Template Editing? There are many serious issues with website template editing of which BUGGING and LIMITATION are the leading two disadvantages of website template editing. Bugging makes a website to be displayed in an abnormal way in the front end. Limitation sets the competence of website

Safeguard Your Property in Digital World

  Everyday, scammers are always in need of victims to defraud of their possessions. Some people have been made internetphobic due to this dangerous act. So, how can one safeguard his or her property from the online scammers? Tip 1: DON'T GIVE AN ATTENTION to money doubling One of the known ways through which people are scammed is money doubling. The scammers are smart enough to get some fake transaction details to convince their newly acquired victims. Hence, DON'T GIVE AN ATTENTION to them. Tip 2: DON'T DATE OR FALL IN LOVE online   To love is not to err, however, falling in love to an unknown person online is dangerous. Sometimes, some male scammers normally disguise as women trying to defraud men and vice versa. So, DON'T DATE OR FALL IN LOVE ONLINE. Remember, some matchmaking sites are trustworthy.  Tip 3: DON'T BUY ANYTHING, UNLESS FROM A TRUSTED AND RECOMMENDED online stores I have come across many advertisements, (either sponsored or not) on social media that

How Can I Make Money Online as A Student in Nigeria in 2023/2024?

  There are FIVE surest ideas on how to make money online as a student in Nigeria and there are TEN features of such student. Let me highlight you the features in order to know if you will proceed with the ideas. 1. Strong analytical skills: Making money online requires the ability to analyze data and make productive decisions. A successful online money maker must be able to interpret data from various sources, such as website traffic, social media engagement, and email campaigns. 2. Creativity: Helping a company to stand out from the competition is a great resource to make money online and that requires creativity. A successful online money maker must be able to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to engage with the audience and drive conversions. 3. Strategic thinking: For one to be successful in making money online, one must be able to develop and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with the company's goals and objectives. This requires the ability to

How Do I Discover Myself [My Talent]

  How Do I Discover Myself [My Talent]? There are many people whose talents are yet to be discovered, by themselves. This makes some of them useless in rooms where they are not fit to be. So, how can you discover your natural skill? 1. Question How do you find solutions to some natural challenges? Do you think differently to solve human problems or you depend on someone else's ideas? Answering these and other related questions is one of the best ways to find yourself. 2. Surveying   Ask your friends, family members, and others to say what they know or think about your ways of solving problems. Allow them to study you. Request yourself from them so that you can find yourself. 3. Self Discipline Write what you know about yourself. Think of areas where you are commended differently and write them down. Check these areas and find yourself in one of those areas or fields. And sometimes it is not difficult to find oneself, but the area of its application may be the problem.

Creating "Hello World" with Flask [Python Framework] on A SMARTPHONE

Creating a simple "Hello World" application using Flask in Pydroid 3: 1. Install Pydroid 3 from Play Store. 2. Open the app and locate the "Terminal Button" and tap it to open a dark phase side of the app. Then, write/code: pip install flask Wait for the installation process to complete. 3. Then, go back to the project side that is usually in the light phase and create a new file. Name the file as "". In this file, write/code: from flask import Flask  app = Flask(__name__)  @app.route("/") def hello(): return "Hello, World!"  if __name__ == "__main__":  4. Save the changes and go to the terminal and write/code: python 5. Run it by tapping the Enter Key of your keyboard and wait for it to load. A temporary local host; will be generated. Tap the local host, you will be redirected to choose a browser. Choose and wait for it to load the "Hello World." This is the simp

How Can I Sell My Articles and Writings Online?

  How Can I Sell Articles and Writings Online? There are several ways through which one can sell articles and writings online. However, I will give you just a process with a series of steps to sell your articles, ebooks and writings online and make money, even while you are asleep. Tasking for A More Important Resource First off, remember that the term, "TASKING" is only used by APIKIK NET in relation to selling of articles or writings and it is copyrighted by the admin of APIKIK NET . Tasking in relation to selling of articles, writings, and ebooks is described as the process of making your resources available for FREE after a completion of a certain task. Let me break down the process before giving its steps in series by series. Say, you have a book that teaches a moral lesson and it is enjoyable. A friend or a sibling of yours may like to read the book. If he or she asks you to lend or give the book to him or her to read, YOU CAN TASK him or her for a more important resour